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Jordan, 23. Wisconsin. Teacher of two year olds in a private preschool, and loving every minute of it. Early Childhood Education major. I am the LGBT club co-president on my campus and a mentor in a minority peer-mentoring program. ...Artist. INFJ. Photographer. Sister to a brother with Autism. Avid reader, writer, animal lover, and coffee & tea drinker. Goofball. Science. Zen. Buddhism. Cats are a must.Currently Reading:The Night Circus

Hey ECE’ers! I don’t think I ever posted this… Yarn art!! Great for fine-motor skills, and every piece is different. I was told it satisfies the 3D art section for state standards (at least in WI it does), too! It’s a little messy, and you HAVE to use card-stock (regular paper or construction isn’t strong enough for heavy glue hands), but the results are SUPER cute. Doing this again this week with my kids, and I’m gonna frame them. They’re just too cute not to.

Also, it really works for any age group, 3 and up. I had a few kids with autism/PDD do this that loved it. It makes some of the sensory-sensitive kids nervous (the glue gets on your hands, some kids don’t like that), but they worked through it and loved the results.

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